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Irving Noble


Irving Noble

P. (484) 664-7447
C. (610) 390-4844
F. (484) 664-7449

How Can I Help You?

As a Real Estate and mortgage professional, having over 25 years of experience in these industries, I understand the challenges that are associated with buying a home, being self-emplyed and planning for retirement.

I have worked with buyers , sellers and investors for a long time and enjoy helping my clients accomplish their dreams.

I have developed a team of real estate professionals that are dedicated to hard work, excellent communication and the focus to accomplish the desired solutions that my clients want and need. My team has an aggressive marketing plan and complete contact-to-close service that sets me apart from the competition in the industry.

My team and I are dedicated to helping all types of cleints search and find residential, commercial and investment properties. My team also includes financing specialists to help my clients obtain the financing needed to successfully and efficiently bring their transactions to a close.

My main focus is Lehigh, Northampton an Bucks County areas.